A Canadian company providing software development services since 2004.


TRINETRA™  is an agile enterprise software development and services company, specializing in IT-business alignment and more specifically in the fields of SOA (service-oriented architecture), Enterprise Architecture, DevOps, Cloud and Mobile technologies, IT processes and governance.

By bringing in our expertise on leading edge technologies and methodologies, we are dedicated to providing clear alignment of business requirements and IT solutions. TRINETRA is committed to designing innovative ways to narrow down the critical gap between people who understand the business and people who understand how technology can be applied.


Staff Augmentation

TRINETRA is a key resource for companies looking for interim
or permanent staffing and recruitment support.


How are we different? 
  • Not only does TRINETRA work with only Canadian talent, but our vetting and shortlisting process produces the very best of the industry. You won’t be flooded with resumes. You’ll receive only the most qualified, expert candidates after our thorough vetting process is complete.
  • Using top-tier talent means that TRINETRA can help ensure your business objectives are not only met, but exceeded. You’ll have access to industry leaders thanks to our proven staffing solutions.
  • Our years of experience in technology means we better understand the requirements of each project; in fact, our consultants deeply understand full life cycle application and integration solutions delivery, IT change management and enterprise architecture. This allows our consultants to guide and consult in a practical, effective way.
  • TRINETRA stays engaged to the very end of the engagement. We stay engaged with our consultants with periodic touch-points and we solicit feedback regularly from clients. This ensures that we’re constantly up to date and ready to do what it takes to meet your goals.

Get to the right people. Fast. 

TRINETRA staffing and recruitment solutions can drastically reduce the time it takes you to find qualified resources for your objectives while ensuring you find the right people, right away.

Streamline resources. 

Recruitment and hiring takes time and energy and distracts from your company’s mission critical goals. Let TRINETRA handle the recruitment work for you so that your team can continue doing what they do best.

Access elusive talent. 

The best of the best often prefer to work on a contract basis, so TRINETRA can help you access and partner with specialized IT and software talent to bring cutting-edge, disruptive solutions to your organization.

Receive custom solutions. 

Get staffing solutions on your terms. TRINETRA supports interim, project-based resource augmentation as well as long-term and permanent solutions depending on your company’s exact needs.

Contact us today to find out more about our staffing and recruitment solutions.

Ready to engage?

TRINETRA works on your terms. Choose a delivery model that works best for your organization and we’ll make it happen. Our consultants can jump into the project at any stage and start getting you results.




Qualified professionals work at your location throughout the entire development process. Time and materials or fixed price billing.


Whether onshore or offshore, we can provide the talent you need to work with remotely from our TRINETRA offices.

Consulting Solutions


TRINETRA is a boutique consulting company with years of experience helping companies solve critical IT problems. We help you design new solutions, leverage past investments and utilize cutting-edge technology to become as efficient and agile as possible.


Why Choose TRINETRA?

The industry is constantly evolving and growing, and TRINETRA consulting solutions are able to help companies use this to their distinct advantage.


  • Use just one provider to streamline development and receive advanced support in mobility, cloud, and data management services.
  • Get a jump start with the help of our integration services to utilize previous infrastructure and development.
  • Our focus on risk mitigation protects your company.
  • We can ramp up and scale to fit your business needs.
  • Experience our A4 methodology and iterative development for a thorough approach to complex problems.
  • Our professional consultants are experienced in every industry.
We support each company’s unique and specialized needs. We’ve built partnerships with some of the largest companies in these sectors:



With the industry’s leading experts available to you and dedicated to the success of each project, your company can easily conquer the business-critical challenges of IT and software.

Our key projects and client partners speak to the trusted enterprise solutions we provide. 





TRINETRA's past work has built an enduring legacy of timely execution, outstanding production value and overall customer satisfaction.

  • Health Check Automation Project
    Client: eHealth Ontario

    The agency identified more than 50 server and application health checks that were being performed manually every day at different times. Trinetra was engaged to develop and implement a Health Check Automation system to automate those health checks in order to have the ability to run them at any time and multiple times in a day.
    The automation of health checks achieved:

    • Increase productivity
    • Shorten delivery time to perform checks
    • Validate patching results
    • Perform post-validation activities
    • Free up resources to perform other priority activities
  • Number Portability Project
    Client: Major Wireless Service Provider

    Integration with over 15 systems to allow seamless porting of numbers in and out of the client.

    • Complex business process orchestration
    • Integration with over 15 internal and external systems
    • Thousands of long running transactions each day
    • Adherence to strict SLA’s
    • Best performance in the telecom industry after launch
  • Enterprise Service Bus
    Client: Utility Company

    TriNetra team designed and implemented a high performance Enterprise Service Bus.

    • Helped client with SOA implementation
    • Developed complex orchestration
    • Implemented service registry
    • Integration with 20+ systems
  • Accessibility Compliance
    Client: Major Car Manufacturer

    A fixed price, off-site project to provide level-A compliance to a web portal of a major car manufacturer.

    • Involved three interactive web applications, various technologies, Java and .Net based
    • Correcting and re-writing Java, VB, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Unified Web Portal
    Client: Mobility Company

    Developed a high performance web navigation and dashboard for all BlackBerry devices.

    • Provided per-user customization
    • Navigation between approximately 15 web applications
    • Dashboard to subscribed services
    • 20 million signed-on users per month
    • 250 million personalized page views per month
  • WebLogic Integration Migration
    Client: Utility Company

    Migration from business processes implemented in WebLogic Process Integration (WLPI) version 2.1 to newer BEA/Oracle technologies (WebLogic Integration 9.1, AquaLogic Service Bus, AquaLogic Data Service Provider)

    • Complex orchestration and long running business transactions
    • Integration with over 10 systems and apps
    • No business impact and no interface changes
    • On time and on budget delivery
    • Training the client staff
  • Resolution Services
    Client: Mobility Company

    Developed a high performance database for cloud:

    • Graph-like database, schema-less, ad-hoc queries, high performance
    • 100 billion edges
    • 1 million queries per second, 10 thousand updates per second
    • 97th percentile 3ms query latency, max latency 5ms
    • Pluggable backends (Cassandra, Redis, Riak, Oracle, etc.) to allow tailoring to different uses
    • JVM based, REST API
  • Enterprise Architecture

    Strategy, IT Roadmaps, Reference Architecture

    Integration Platform

    Mulesoft, AWS, Oracle, Openshift


    J2EE technology stack, .NET stack, Oracle, SaaS, PaaS, SAP, MSDynaics, BAAN


    Jenkins, Velocity, Azure DevOps, Ant, Maven


    Kubernetes, Selenium, EasyRepro


    AWS, Azure, IBM