Helpie FAQ

  • Health Check Automation Project
    Client: eHealth Ontario

    The agency identified more than 50 server and application health checks that were being performed manually every day at different times. Trinetra was engaged to develop and implement a Health Check Automation system to automate those health checks in order to have the ability to run them at any time and multiple times in a day.
    The automation of health checks achieved:

    • Increase productivity
    • Shorten delivery time to perform checks
    • Validate patching results
    • Perform post-validation activities
    • Free up resources to perform other priority activities
  • Number Portability Project
    Client: Major Wireless Service Provider

    Integration with over 15 systems to allow seamless porting of numbers in and out of the client.

    • Complex business process orchestration
    • Integration with over 15 internal and external systems
    • Thousands of long running transactions each day
    • Adherence to strict SLA’s
    • Best performance in the telecom industry after launch
  • Enterprise Service Bus
    Client: Utility Company

    TriNetra team designed and implemented a high performance Enterprise Service Bus.

    • Helped client with SOA implementation
    • Developed complex orchestration
    • Implemented service registry
    • Integration with 20+ systems
  • Accessibility Compliance
    Client: Major Car Manufacturer

    A fixed price, off-site project to provide level-A compliance to a web portal of a major car manufacturer.

    • Involved three interactive web applications, various technologies, Java and .Net based
    • Correcting and re-writing Java, VB, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Unified Web Portal
    Client: Mobility Company

    Developed a high performance web navigation and dashboard for all BlackBerry devices.

    • Provided per-user customization
    • Navigation between approximately 15 web applications
    • Dashboard to subscribed services
    • 20 million signed-on users per month
    • 250 million personalized page views per month
  • WebLogic Integration Migration
    Client: Utility Company

    Migration from business processes implemented in WebLogic Process Integration (WLPI) version 2.1 to newer BEA/Oracle technologies (WebLogic Integration 9.1, AquaLogic Service Bus, AquaLogic Data Service Provider)

    • Complex orchestration and long running business transactions
    • Integration with over 10 systems and apps
    • No business impact and no interface changes
    • On time and on budget delivery
    • Training the client staff
  • Resolution Services
    Client: Mobility Company

    Developed a high performance database for cloud:

    • Graph-like database, schema-less, ad-hoc queries, high performance
    • 100 billion edges
    • 1 million queries per second, 10 thousand updates per second
    • 97th percentile 3ms query latency, max latency 5ms
    • Pluggable backends (Cassandra, Redis, Riak, Oracle, etc.) to allow tailoring to different uses
    • JVM based, REST API